Tracking based on an object measurement

I have successfully used cellprofiler to track based on ‘distance’ for a while now, but I’m trying to increase the accuracy of tracking in cases where the cells are too far from the original location to be tracked accurately that way. Since my cells don’t migrate, I’m trying to track based on object orientation. Every time I try to track based on a measurement I get the error:

Error using => sparse
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

I think it may be because I the number of objects increases slightly between images. When I track based on ‘distance’ I get no error like this though, even when the number of object increases. Do you see any way to get around this? I’m attaching my pipeline. My images are too big to upload.

I’ve tried my pipeline using CP v2, but for some reason it runs very slow (i’m using windows 7, 64 bit) and usually runs out of memory early on in the pipeline.

Thanks your your help.
VENUSpipeNOEDGE3track+intensity.mat (1.62 KB)

Hi Karen,

If you don’t mind my asking a CP2-related question: Did any of the suggestions listed under Help > General Help > Memory and Speed help with your problem at all?