Tracking area change of colonies

Hi there, I am all new to the use of ImageJ and in need of help. I am currently trying to measure area of algal crusts using the “analyse particles” function in imagej 1.50i, which works perfectly on one image. Unfortunately I want to compare images taken at 2 time steps to compare growth over time. The formed colonies grow and also fuse. Additionally the order in which area is counted changes between the two time steps (it seems that larger colonies are prioritised), which makes the tables impossible to compare. Is there a way to track these changes.

Thank you,

Hi @hannan

Since it is the only plugin I know, I would do tracking with TrackMate. It can deal with fusion events.
However I fear that it cannot do all you want of the box. It can follow spots over time, deal with fusions as you need. But on top of this you want to measure areas of the objects you tracks, and TrackMate considers everything it tracks as a blob with no shape.

You will probably have to look for something that tracks AND segments, or do a bit of programming to link the two.

If you want to give it a try, here is its page on the wiki that links to the docs. Otherwise, the supplemental info of the TrackMate paper ships a 140 pages manual in which some chapters will be of use.

Hi Jean-Yves,
thank you so much for your response. Unfortunately tracking by it self won´t help me much. This weekend is going to be rainy, so I might spend some time reading. I have never programmed, so I am unsure if I will be able to get something like that done, but it might be worth a shot.