Track object size over time?

I have a series of images taken over time. Objects in the image may be swelling slightly over time. I’d like to track and quantify this swelling.
It seems like the TrackObjects module ( would be useful, but from what I can see, object size is not one of the available measurements for the TrackObjects module.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to track the size (and total intensity, BTW) of individual objects in a series of images?


Hi Jon,

You can use the MeasureObjectSizeShape to measure the morphology and the MeasureObjectIntesnity module to measure the intensity of the individual objects. When you place them in a pipeline, the measurements will be made over all the objects, for each frame analyzed.


Will the object numbers be consistent between frames, so I’ll be able to track the growth of objects? What happens if an object moves out of frame, or grows beyond the threshold, etc. Won’t that mess up the frame-to-frame object numbering?


If the options are set well and the prior object identification is good, TrackObjects will assign a unique label to each tracked object that persists across frames. One thing to note is that, despite the documentation to the contrary, if the object splits, the same label is applied to all progeny.

Yes, it will, but that is the case for any tracking solution. An object that moves out of frame will simply have the tracking terminated at that point.