Track Mate_Track Analysis extension "None" values

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I’m a new user of TrackMate and I wanted to analyze cell displacement and migration. So far cell recognition and tracking are running pretty smoothly. But for the Track table analysis I wanted to add the Tack Mate Analysis extension to have more detailed analysis of my track. I installed the plugging using the jar. file available here :

After installing, the Tack Mate plugging efficiently recognized this extension. However when performing the tracking I got “None” values in the Track table.

I tried installing a fresh new imageJ with no extra plugging added (in case I messed up in the plugging file before), installed the extension again but it still gave me the same result. I also checked if I have all the info on my images : dimensions in µm and time frame in min. And everything seems Ok.

I also looked at previous questions on the forum, and the only close issue to mine was something relative to fiji priorities ? here : Linear Track Analysis extension in TrackMate not working
If I understood correctly the problem was fixed with an update of the source code available on GitHub. However no “new” jar. file is available. And to be honest I don’t know how to code in java nor compiling source code to create a jar. file.

So I’ll be glad to have some help from admirable developers or anyone having some suggestions.
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Hello @Zeikad

Sorry for the delay in answering.
Please try this artifact:

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It seems to work, awesome !
Thanks a lot,

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