Topic Template for Image Analysis



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Suggestion for topic template for Image Analysis category:

*What is the image about (some background and description of the image)?
*What information are you interested in getting from this image?
*What is the problem you are having?
*Have you tried anything already? Have you searched the forum or looked at the ImageJ guide (LINK for that)?

*Details of ImageJ/FIJI version and plugins you’ve tried.

Please remember to post a sample image.

If its too many questions, we could shorten it…
What do you guys think?

Edited based on @Bio7 ’s suggestion.

Jpeg uploads for image quantification

Hello @pr4deepr,

nice suggestions. I would also let them give some information about the ImageJ setup (which OS, JRE, RAM - in the ImageJ properties) which can be of importance.


Following up, is it ok to implement this if everyone agrees?
I can see the topic template for Image analysis; not sure if I can change it though…