Top to bottom view in 3D viewer ImageJ

I have a question about how to create a top to bottom view in 3D viewer of ImageJ.
It is almost similar to the Reslice [/]… function in the image - stacks - reslice[/]… menu.
However, I would like the view to be 3D. I attach an illustration below.
I have tried many feature in the 3D viewer menu, and threshold is the closest of what I want.
Is it possible to do this with ImageJ?

Thank you very much.


Hi @hyeon_do ,

I think the “3D Script” plugin is what you’re looking for:

Check out the tutorial videos and let us know if this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Dear Mr. Robert.

Thank you very much for your answer.
Yes, It is exactly what I am looking, however, it does not seem to support color image since I have to convert the stacks of my image into 8 or 16 bit grayscale image so that I can use 3D Script function.
Is it possible to somehow use a color image?

Thank you

The animation on the website shows color images. So it should work. Did you try converting your data to an RGB stack?

Yes I did, I am also still trying to figure out why.
Besides, the resolution of the rendered 3D image is not as beautiful as the result from the 3D viewer function, I guess.
Anyway, Thank you very much for your kind reply.

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