Tool for simulating 3D microscopy images of cells

Hi All,

Anyone know of software to generate simulated datasets representing 3D multi-channel images of cell populations?

The best I’ve come across is CytoPacq, but it only produces single channel images. I’ve also come across SIMCEP, but as far as I’m aware it only produces 2D data and I seem to recall struggling to get it to work.

Am I missing anything obvious?



Hi @djpbarry

I’m no expert in that area, but here is a review article that may be useful

Ive seen talks by Michal Kozubek on that topic (he’s also an author on the paper above). Maybe try contacting him?

Good luck

Thanks @bogovicj,

Yeah, I’ve seen that review - unfortunately it only mentions the two tools I’m already familiar with: #simcep and #cytopacq.

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