Too many DLL loaded from .libs

Hi, I am running DLC 2.0 (I think) installed on Windows 10 in 2019. Has been working fine and I have 2 trained networks. But, yesterday I was not able to run python or import deeplabcut, so I ran the following command:
update: conda env update -f dlc-windowsGPU.yaml

This seemed to resolve the issue. But now, when I “import deeplabcut”, I receive the following warning:

Then, when I try to analyze a new video, I receive this error:

What can I do to fix this? For reference, this is my DLC environment Yaml file.

Thank you!
-Melissa Franch

Hi @mfranch, your config_path should not be a list; simply give the string directly :slight_smile:
As for the numpy DLL warnings, I’m not sure they are harmful. But if they bother you, a fresh install of the deeplabcut environment should get rid of them.

oh my gosh, so silly on my part. That fixed it! Thank you so much Jessy.