Toluidine Blue Cartilage Bone

Hello to you all!

I am new here and I have had a quick look on the cell profiler website. However I cannot find anything related to cartilage/bone toluidine staining quantification pipelines.

Basically, I want to quantify the amount of toluidine blue positive regions out of a region of interest, however cartilage is purply stained while bony regions remain light blue.

Is there a way to quantify this and how do you do this?

Kind regards,


Hi Alex,

Glad you found us! First, please read this post on how we can best help you.
But you might first look at the module UnmixColors. I don’t know if one of the pre-made samples here might help in this case, but they are worth a try. Note that histology images are not easy to control regardless of the experimenter’s skill, and thus not easy to quantify their images. But feel free to try creating a pipeline and, if need be, post it here with an example image or two and we’ll see if we can help!