To post a pipeline

We have generated in the lab a CellProfiler pipeline based on one of your tutorials to measure the activity of an enzyme. I would like to know if we can post the pipeline at the website of our lab together with a couple of example images. We would like to publish the protocol and it would be very useful if we can refer to the pipeline on our website so people can download it and use it. We would include a reference for the CellProfiler in our publication and also in the lab webpage.

Thank you very much


We’re glad you found CellProfiler to be of use in your research! Since CellProfiler is open-source and free, you are certainly free to post it on your site. Another option is to use our dedicated page for published pipelines; we can post it there and your webpage can point to it. We’re fine with posting it if you do one, or the other, or both :smiley: