To build a gui for my project

sairam to all ,
Iam completely new to coding .i want to build a gui for getting thyroid up take by taking spect images which should be user friendly to the doctor can any one help me how to start .

Hi @lokesh_andhavarapu,

applications in nuclear medicine are not the most common ones in the ImageJ/FIJI community. Furthermore, I need to tell you that the software has no approval for usage in clinical routine.

However, you could start with the 3D ImageJ suite which allows to do some processing in 3D. To install this plugin in FIJI, just enable the “3D ImageJ Suite” update site like explained here:

Hopefully my lectures in Nuclear Medicine are not to long ago, I remember correctly that the thryoid has a higher signal intensity compared to other organs. Thus, thresholding may be an easy solution:

Alternatively, what about creating a SUM-projection of the 3D SPECT data set and outlining in 2D?

Last but not least: As I said, nuclear medicine is really not in focus of ImageJ or FIJI developers. So, I guess whatever tool you find here will be very different from what physicians know from clinical software. Did you think about alternatives such as Slicer3D or Osirix?



Are you familiar with building GUI’s in java? Do you know the image analysis that needs to be done? If you already have a workflow that you are using, and you want a GUI to manage that it would be good to know.