TMA: Showing imported grid names instead of default numbering

Hi there!
I am working with many TMA grids in QuPath and am therefore importing the grids for the TMA by copying an excel table via “File > TMA data > Import TMA map”. I was wondering if there was an option to show these imported names (e.g., “Probe_XYZ”) instead of the default “A1”, “C4” etc. in the lower right hand corner. I thought that I had seen this feature a few months ago and now can’t remember how to enable it again, but I could remember this wrong.
Thanks in advance!

If the measurements are successfully imported, maybe you could copy the measurement you want into the TMA Name field?

Except use something like measurement(it, "Name of your measurement") in place of the it.getUniqueID()

*Unless the unique ID is what you were looking for.