Tissue segmentation using CellProfiler!

M170 moligo AF488 1-100-Image Export-06_c1 2 3.tif (770.2 KB)

This is an minimal working example that i found from cellprofiler blogCapture
I’m pretty new to cellprofiler and still working my way around the software. I have come across some difficulties trying to do segmentation on Mouse spleen tissue stained with nuclei-DAPI and CD11b-AF488. I was hoping to find some answers/help here!!!

Analysis goals

  • Ideally, I would like to segment my tissue based on Nuclei and CD11b staining, by segmenting I mean to identify CD11b+ cells on nuclei.

Can anyone please help me build a pipeline that can achieve required analysis? Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Hi @Isha14,

Would you be able to explain what ‘difficulties’ you’ve been having with the segmentation? If you’ve already been working on a pipeline it would be helpful if you could upload that so that we can take a look.