Tiny QOL suggestion - Set magnification

Hi Pete and Melvin, I hope that you’re well.

I just want to put in a tiny quality of life suggestion regarding the Set magnification option, that is to automatically select and highlight the number in the “Enter magnification” field.

As it is currently, the user has to manually select and delete the current magnification shown in the field to change the magnification to the desired value. Having the numbers in the field pre-highlighted for quicker input of a new value would be a slight QOL improvement.

I understand this is a very nitpicky change to suggest, so it probably wouldn’t be a priority.

I hope that this and other small suggestions would be welcome!

Best wishes,

Hi @ym.lim,

This seems to be a small enough change, I’ll write it down in our ’todo list’ and will try to get it into the next version of QuPath! Thanks for the suggestion.