Timestamp error when importing NIS Files

We recently upgraded to NIS 5.20.01. I have always used the “Bio-Formats Import” plugin to import files into Fiji and process them. Previously, it was possible to see timestamps for each frame of a sequence acquisition in the metadata of the stack. However, since switching to the new software, the timestamps are incorrect and appear as seen in the image. The timestamps are correct when I check using NIS Analysis software.


Has anyone encountered this bug before and found a solution for it?


Hi @metingd, we have only recently started getting reports of this. It looks to be due to updates to how the timepoints are stored in the ND2 format in recent NIS software.

I have a GitHub Issue open for this (https://github.com/ome/bioformats/issues/3476) but any additional sample files we can use for testing are always useful. If you are able to upload the affected files to https://www.openmicroscopy.org/qa2/qa/upload/ that would be a great help