Timeline for Omero upgrade to support Python 3?

Hi All,
New joinee to these forums, and somewhat new to imaging.
Does anyone know if there is a development pathway for Omero to support python 3 (especially given Python 2.7’s imminent retirement)?
I’m going to be getting access to an Omero image storage/analysis platform soon, and we’re also interested in trying a small test case of one in my lab. The idea of integrating the analysis is really interesting, however, I’m set on Python 3.7.3 and this looks to be incompatible with the current Omero setup.

It’s the next big target for OMERO, and is actively being worked on. You can see the breakdown of tasks on https://github.com/orgs/ome/projects/5


Thank you for the very prompt reply!

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In case anyone is interested in trying out client-side Python 3, instructions are in the README. We’ll be working on conda packages to speed up the installation. ~Josh

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ICYMI: OMERO / Python 3 Rollout Plan