Time lapse capture with Leica DMi1 MC120HD

We have a Leica DMi1 inverted microscope with the MC120HD camera. We would like to do time lapse photomicrography; however, the Leica software that came with the microscope does not support this. Apparently, Leica sells a more expensive hardware/software solution but it’s not something I’m interested in using. I installed Micro-Manager on the computer to which the camera is connected but none of the supplied Leica drivers seem to support this camera. Does anyone know if there is a solution?

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Hi @Tony-S. Welcome to this forum!

You need a “device adapter”, code that translates between the camera driver and the Micro-Manager Core. Things have always been a bit funny with Leica cameras (which is why I would advice everyone to stay away from them). Unlike Zeiss, they do not provide access to documentation of their drivers and do not support 3rdparty software to work with their cameras (I’d be happy to stand corrected). In the past, it turned out that some of their camera are actually repackaged Baumer cameras, and people had success using the Baumer device adapters. I have not kept track of the various Leica models. Currently they are selling repackaged Andor (or was it Hamamatsu?) cameras, but with their own drivers, making it impossible to use these outside of Leica software.

I’d suggest to purchase a low cost machine vision camera, from companies like Basler, Ximea, FLIR (amongst others). Their quality has become very good, they sell at very reasonable prices, and they support their cameras for 3rd party software.


Thank you, Nico. I’ll try the Baumer drivers to see if those work. If not, I’ll look into the other cameras. I am unfamiliar with the camera mount that the Leica microscopes have, but presumably the other camera manufacturers supply compatible mounts?