Tiff vs tif in SaveImages, LoadSingleImage

Two minor and unrelated issues that prove to be annoying when experienced in concert:

  1. In SaveImages, when “Select file format to use” is set to “tif” (and not “tiff”), CellProfiler saves images with a four-letter .tiff extension anyway. I expected CellProfiler to save with a three-letter .tif extension.
  2. In LoadSingleImage, in the file-browse dialog box, the default file filter is for .tif. Files with a four-letter .tiff extension may not be selected without switching the filter to all files (.*). It would be nice if the filter for TIFF files was .tif|.tiff.

I’m running the packaged build r11710 on OS X 10.6.8.


Thanks for this, Tim. We will look into it!

Github issue here:

This issue has been resolved in CellProfiler 2.1 and later, new releases of which can now be downloaded from http://cellprofiler.org.