Tif files not supported FIJI

Hello everyone,
I am new to Macro writing and I am experiencing a very weird problem.
When I run the command “open” for a tif file I receive an error message saying that the format is not supported, despite being able to open the file manually or having being able to open it with a similar script a few days ago.

Any suggestion on what is going on?

Thank you very much to anyone that will be willing to help!

Hi @Gpilia,

do you mean this error message?

It is a bit confusing sometimes, if the file cannot be found. Especially, if you call the open(filename) method without specifying the path. Because you don’t really know in which path Fiji is searching per default. Can you check if the path is correctly specified? Sometimes, just a slash is missing :wink:

path = "/folder/to/images";
filename = "image.tif";

open(path + "/" + filename);

Let us know if this helps.


Hi Robert,Thank you very much,
actually it was just a little typo, as you suggested, but it confused me because I has specified the path and in the error message the correct number of the file appeared.
Anyways, everything is working now, I can keep trying to work on the exercise
(I am actually following your course and working on that!)
Thanks again!