Ti2 Nis elements

I have become interested in uManger since I have become aware of the new Python interface ([https://doi.org/10.1038/s41592-021-01087-6] which will simplify the control of our system.
We are using Nikon ti2, and my question is whether uManger configuration will clash with our Nikon Element software?

Do I need to download the Ti2 Control if I have already Elements running, would it be sufficient to use the dll file from elements?

It’s fine to have NIS installed but you obviously won’t be able to run both softwares simultaneously.

Installation information is here: NikonTi2 - Micro-Manager

Unfortunately, the micro-manager support for the TI2 requires an older version of the Nikon driver and I don’t think we are allowed to distribute it. You should be able to get it from the Nikon website.

Hopefully the driver support will be updated to the most recent version sometime soon.

Regarding your question of whether you actually need to install TI2 Control, or if you can just copy a DLL that you already have, I’m not sure. Wouldn’t hurt to try. However, if the DLL version is too recent then you’ll likely have troubles.

Thank you so much,
We will not use the two software simultaneously but some other users would still want to use the NIS-elements, this is why it is important that both will work.
I am really new for configuring microscopes, any suggestion for preventing driver clashes which might be as result of downloading the older Ti2 control system?
I thought of maybe create a new win10 user for the micromanger, do you think that will make a difference?