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First thank you for the good work on CP and CPA!!

I have a very trivial question.
I am new in the HCS world. I now succeeded to open my property files and I am aiming to classify my cells.

My cells are quite big and “fried egg” looking: quite flat and with a cytoplasm that goes far from the nucleus. I have stained them with hoechst for nuclei and phalloidin for actin stress fibers (plus other stains but it is irrelevant for my problem here). When I use the CPA classifier and “Fetch!” cells, it shows only the nuclear area. I wish that the whole cell would be shown as I am planning to make the classification based on the actin cytoskeleton pattern. I figured how to change the brightness and the scale but not how to show the whole cells!
Is it possible to do it?!?

Please find in attachment an example of my cells and of the view that I get from CPA.

Thank you for the help!

With best regards,


Hello Vincent,
One straight way do to what you’re looking for is to modify the .properties file that you’re using to lauch CPA.
In this file you have this setting:

# ==== Other ====
# Specify the approximate diameter of your objects in pixels here.
image_tile_size   =  50

Try with increased value…
Restart CPA after editing the .properties file…
Good luck,

Hello Fabien,

It worked nicely!
Thank you for the fast and sharp answer!