To whom it may concern,

I was wondering if somebody could suggest the best way to set a threshold, or some type of identification method to automatically select objects that are of at least a certain length. Using the picture below as a reference how could I discard the smaller objects that are identified and keep the longer objects. I would appreciate any help or suggestions.

Thank you,

Hi Franciso,

My suggestion would be the following:

  • Measure the object morphology using MeasureObjectSizeShape.
  • Use FilterObjects using your objects, AreaShape as the category, and MajorAxisLength as the measurement. MajorAxisLength is the length of the longest axis of the ellipse fitted to that shape.

It may require some checking around to see what MajorAxisLength value would work well in your case; I find that DisplayDataOnImage is a good module for that purpose.

Hope that helps!

Hi Mark,

That’s the approach I had in mind. Thanks for your help!