Threshold problem

Threshold problem
When thresholding the image, the result should be 0 or 255, but why are there many intermediate values?(Read images as an array with pycharm)

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Maybe add a bit more information. The image you provide doesn’t look like FIJI or ImageJ1; I guess your image is a screenshot of a python debugger? Upload ‘the image’ you mention and the recorded the steps you performed ‘When thresholding the image’ or provide a snippet of that python code. That would make it easier to answer your question.

Thank you for your help!
Steps on ImageJ: 1. Image->Adjust->Threshold the image as 13.jpeg

codes on pycharm:

from keras.preprocessing.image import ImageDataGenerator, img_to_array, load_img
label= load_img('/lable/13.jpg')
x_label = img_to_array(label)

so why the result x_label have so many intermediate values?

This is because the image has been saved as JPEG. JPEG is a lossy format, losing some accuracy to reduce file size. If you save as TIFF, and try again, you should only see values 0 & 255.

Unless you have a compelling reason to, I would always use a lossless format (such as TIFF) for any image analysis, which will preserve the “true” pixel values.

Hope this helps!

The problem is solved.
Thank you very much for your help

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