Thorough walkthrough of spreadsheet parameters


I’m wondering if there is an in-depth guide available that explains how each parameter is determined in the exported spreadsheet data.

I’ve been looking through the website and searching the forum and the rest of the web without any success so far.

For most of the modules, the help for that module includes a section called “Available measurements” which details the measurements made by that module. Are you referring to any specific module output in particular? For example, in MeasureObjectSizeShape, you have AreaShape_Perimeter which is the length of the perimeter, AreaShape_Area which is the area of the object, etc. Are you looking for specifics on how each of these is calculated?


Fairly unsurprising it turns out that it was a user-error. I hadn’t actually had a look at the general module help that was available. It seems to be thorough enough as far as I can see.

Thanks for the quick reply!