Thickness measure

Hi guys, I’m really new on this. I’m looking for an automatic method to measure wall thickness with ImageJ (I’m starting to see how powerfull is this software with all plugins and Macros)

I was doing this job manually drawing lines between the boundaries of the walls and it’s a very tedius work. As an example of what I want, here is a screenshoot of my manual method.


After I draw all lines (about 400 per image), I get a thickness distribution for statistics.

Another clear example of what I want is in this video: Unfortunately it’s impossible get acces to this software ‘‘MagniSci’’.

Thank you so much for all help!


so you need to solve two problems.

  1. segment or detect the two lines.This can be done manually or automatically.
  2. measure the distance between these 2 lines.

A quick search yielded a macro that can do both:

If that does not work I would start to address each single one. There are some forum entries concerning similar problems maybe you could use those as a start:

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