Thermal Infrared Image pre-processing

Hi;I’m new to this forum and this is my first post: prior to doing so I’ve done some research on the web and in the ImageJ documentation, as well as some trial with the software itself, but could not get wht I wanted.
This is the scenario:

  • I collect time-lapsed sequences from a radiometric thermal infrared camera, acquiring 200 to 1000 images per each batch;
  • The imager can natively save: either a 2-page 8 bit RGB tiff (page 1 should be a ‘visible thermal profile’ and page 2 the RAW data from the sensor: this tiff is radiometric, and in fact when viewed with specialized thermal infrared software each pixel has a temperature data), or csv files with temperature data;
  • I would like to be able to create a thermal radiometric mosaic from all the images (where each pixel is a temperature value), and what I think should be best is to work with a grayscale space, determine max and min temperature of the batch acquired, so this will set the temperature range of the mosaicked scene;
  • I tried to import one csv file (ideally I’d like a batch process) into IJ but I hit a block already at this stage - the csv is 382 x 288, but only one column seems to be read…
    To summarize:
  • I’d like to be able to batch process the CSV files to get the (absolute) min - max temperatures of the batch;
  • Convert the CSV to 8 (or 16) bit tiff (or jpeg), grayscale, retaining the radiometric (temperatures) pixel
  • Mosaic the above tiff or jpeg images into one radiometric image, with the derived temprature range ('LUT).
    Unfortunately I’m not sure how to attach sample files for reference and clarity.
    Thanks in advance and let me know if all is clear.
    Best Regards

Have you tried to import the data with Import->Raw… or Import->Text image…. ?

Else here is an older thread and suggestion how to read in CSV data as a macro (with min, max):

Then change the macro a little bit to add each image to a stack:


Then you can create a Montage from a stack: Images ->Stacks->Make Montage… if that is what you want.