The Scientific Community Image Forum is here!



We are excited to announce that the merge of the ImageJ Forum (formerly at + CellProfiler Forum (formerly at was successful, and is largely complete.

The combined Scientific Community Image Forum is now available and ready for use.

There are still some wrinkles to iron out:

  • Within the next 24 hours, a navigation bar will be added to the top of the front page with logos and links to the tag feed for each official software partner. Currently, those softwares include: BoneJ, CellProfiler, Cytomine, Fiji, Icy, Ilastik, ImageJ, OpenSPIM, scikit-image, SLIM Curve. Edit: The top bar has been configured! See also this thread.

  • Some people who were formerly staff (i.e. admins and/or moderators) are not currently staff. This is due to an upper limit on the number of staff we can have with a Discourse-hosted installation. We are in the process of creating a more inclusive Forum Team group that will have a private category for discussion of forum-related moderation issues. Stay tuned. Edit: The Community Forum Team group was created. You can get our attention with an @team mention.

  • The top-level domain is currently firewalled. In the near future, it will redirect to Similar situation for and For now, bookmark or type directly.

  • The subdomain needs redirects put in place to the corresponding topics here at For the moment, to preserve permalinks in the interim, the existing CellProfiler forum has been left in place in read-only mode. Edit: Redirects are currently being worked on.

  • Two categories (Announcements and Job Opportunities) have the wrong description. There is one phantom category (CellProfiler 1.0). Both of these issues are due to incorrect/phantom category linkages for a couple of topics. We are working to resolve it. Edit: Fixed.

  • Google and GitHub authentication mechanisms are currently disabled. For now, please use the password reset feature to (re)set your password for the forum. We are considering whether to reenable these authentication mechanisms in the near future—your thoughts and opinions on this issue are appreciated. Edit: Google and GitHub authentication should be working now. Let us know if not.

  • For users with an account on both forums, which were linked to the same email address: those accounts were merged. You may notice that your stats (shown on the Summary tab of your user page) reflect the ImageJ forum, not the sum total of both forums. But all your posts, replies, badges, likes, bookmarks, etc., from both sites should still be there. You may also need to reset your profile picture.

  • For users with an account on both forums, which were linked to different email addresses: let us know, and we can merge the accounts for you.

Please take a look around, and report back with any other issues you notice besides the above.

A huge thank you to the staff at Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc. for their tremendous support, effort and patience in making this transition possible.

We hope you enjoy the new forum!

Merge of ImageJ and CellProfiler forums on August 2
Merge of CellProfiler and ImageJ forums on August 2
Merge of CellProfiler and ImageJ forums on August 2


I don’t see any disadvantages of enabling these single-sign-on features, and it would certainly make a few people happy (e.g. @dnmason).


I’m set, just didn’t realise I could switch an account to a local PW from a different authentication method.


Earlier today I enabled GitHub and Google-based authentication. Please reply back here if any issues using it.


Hey @ctrueden

would it be possible to make an HTTP-Redirect from to The link, which is advertised in the logo (top left) doesn’t work unfortunately…



The domain now redirects here

I think it’ll happen in the “near future” as stated here:


This is amazing! Kudos!