The Microscopists with Jason Swedlow

I thought the below maybe of interest, especially the one with Jason Swedlow with regards to careers closely associated with image analysis. More coming in the future that will be equally of interest.

The series can be found here:
and Jason’s personal one can be found here:

He really is great to listen to and hear some great advice.

The interviews on ‘The Microscopists’ are designed to help understand what drives great, successful scientists, what really inspires them and what they enjoy most in life. They are a set of candid, fun, and engaging interviews that aim to not only help and inspire upcoming scientists, but to show how career tracks and work-life balance are managed by some of the best. Not only are they great at work, but they have some amazing stories to tell about their lives outside science.

Jason was great as he really talked about some key frustrations that many of us have or will face, whilst also demonstrating that it is not all about work, and that a work/life balance is also important.

Also available from today is Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz and Tony Wilson, who also gave some amazing insights to their work and life interests.



I’d totally recommend this series, I listened to Jason Swedlow’s and it was just really interesting.

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