The meaning of the words in the output

Hi all,
I have a pipelineRECA_20191220.cpproj (1.5 MB) and successfully run this pipeline.
The problem is that I have no idea what is the meaning of the words in the output spreadsheets. For example, there are lots of intensity in the output spreadsheets, like Intensity_IntegratedIntensityEdge, Intensity_IntegratedIntensity, Intensity_LowerQuartileIntensity, Intensity_MADIntensity, Intensity_MassDisplacement, Intensity_MaxIntensityEdge and so on,BrainSlice_Cells.csv (10.3 MB) . Could anyone help me with these intensities?


Hi @Xiangyu_Liu,

I would advise you look at the online manual for the modules you’re interested in.

For example, here is the list of measurements made with MeasureObjectIntensity which I’m assuming is what you’ve used but all modules in the manual list the measurements it creates.

If you want to limit the number of columns in your excel spreadsheet you can untick which measurements you want to export in your ExportToSpreadsheet module.


Thank you Imurphy.

Another thing confused me is that the Children_FilterCells_Count, it has 2 values, either 0 or 1.
Dose 0 means the cell doesn’t be filtered, and 1 means the cell be filtered.

Children_FilterCells_Count in this case represents whether the cell is within the filtered object set (‘1’ meaning that it’s present after the filtering).

This measurement type is a count of objects rather than yes/no, which is used because if you were relating multiple smaller spots to each cell you could end up with a Children_Spots_Count of >1.

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