The center of cells

Please How to detect the center of each cell ?

Hello Emna, it is impossible for people to help you if you do not provide any details! Please share some examples of your data, as was also requested in your previous thread. [quote=“emartini, post:2, topic:4847”]
Could you please upload one or two images to clarify better your issue?
thank you


Aha, so this is a continuation of your previous topic then. Or do you want to find the center of all cells (cells? I assumed they were fish roe), orange included?

For the black cells it seems that @anon96376101’s solution finds the center of the objects. For a more robust approach a full segmentation might be better, which is probably best achieved by the trainable weka segmentation, as attempted by @imagejan. (And then finding the center of the segmented masks of all objects).


You can explain a little more please? Because I am a beginner in ImageJ

Hello Emna, sorry for the delayed response. Sure, but you have to tell us what you don’t understand, or it is hard to explain.

Which part are you struggling with?


I need to know the centers of all the objects. And for the method the trainable weka segmentation I do not know it and I do not know how it works and I tried to install it but it did not work

The easiest way to install the Trainable Weka Segmentation is by using Fiji, which comes with the plugin and all its dependencies already installed.

Regarding how to use it, have you had a look at the documentation site in the wiki?

You have also some tutorials in youtube:

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According to the videos you sent me, this is not at all what I want to do, I just want to detect or draw a point on each ball that corresponds to the center But I want it to be automatic

As @Sverre explained, this plugin is designed for full segmentation. One idea could be to extract each ball probability with the Trainable Weka Segmentation and then find the maxima of the probability image. Another option is to segment each ball separately and then calculate its center.


Dear @Emna,
I hope that what I am going to say will not sound too rude, but it’s not just you are asking a not basic task with some other post-processing analysis and data extraction.
It’s really not just.
And here (and also in your previuous post) a lot of people (most of them well renown expert of this field) are trying to give you help and suggesions in their spare time; I really think that you cannot expect that another time someone here fully does your analysis and extract data and maybe also do a graph or a plot :wink: if you are asking that it’s time to discuss a scientific collaboration (name on a paper) or a commercial one (money into an account).
From this forum you can expect a bunch of experts that can suggest you nice tool, provide you some nice tutorials and follow up you.

As I said, I hope that I am not too rude in this reply.

Have a nice day,

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Sir, Did I ask you once to do the job for me? Or else to leave all your business and make me the task? I think that this is a forum and it is made to discuss and give help and I have the right to ask any questions as long as I need help. Sometimes I say that this solution does not suit me because in My task I do not have to go into detail in Imagej even the programming I’m not supposed to do so I was very clear at first.
Have a nice day :slight_smile: