The analysis never stops and never goes further


This is the first time I used CellProfiler so I have some trouble to get it right away.
I uploaded the wound healing pipeline and then inserted the folder with my pictures that I wanted to analyse and I pushed the bottom “Analysis” and it started normally. The time started to tick and now my folder have been analysis for 4 hours and nothing.
I can see two times/clocks…you see for example: “4.00.12 / 11.58.12” What does the second time/clock, after the “/” mean? I thought it was the estimated time for the analysis to be done, but why does this time/clock tick all the time and gets higher and higher?
Now I dont know if the analysis is correct or if there are some errors?
I really need some help, cause this programme is the best for me to analyse woundhealing on my pictures, and I just want to figure the programme out.

Thank you!

Hi there,

Have a look at this forum thread and see if the thoughts there are of any help. If not, could you reply with answers to the two questions posed in the 2nd post?