Texture scale "0" option in MeasureTexture module

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From the following post I learned what the Texture Scale option actually does and what the output means. What I still don’t understand is what is happening when I define “0” as the Texture Scale. I still get an output even though I define the scale to be measured as “0 pixel units”.

For example, the measurement computes correlation values for the pixel intensities. How can something correlate when the scale is 0 pixels?

Can someone help me out?

See a screenshot of the module with my settings here (not that it would help):

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What values do you get when you choose 0 for this setting?

Hi Anne,

To give a bit of a background: I have three tissue samples with nuclei stained with different concentrations of Iridium conjugated to a DNA-Intercalator (iMC measurement). I want to see the changes in the pixel correlation for the three different concentrations. Attached you will see a part of the module output. As you can see, most of the measurements (total Iridium, called IrTotal, measured in nuclei objects) are non-zero. For example, the intensity correlation has a mean of 0.96 and a median of 1.

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Very interesting, the mean correlation being 0.96 is consistent with the module being set to measure correlation at a very small scale, but not exactly zero.

I will elaborate for those who may not understand this: measuring texture at scale = 1 would, for every pixel, look at pixels that are one position away and measure various metrics (including correlation for example).

If texture were measured at literally zero, we would expect mean/min/max correlation to equal 1 but instead we see some other values, most notably that the mean is 0.96.

My best guess is that instead of measuring the correlation at exactly zero, there is some kind of noise or averaging going on that is funky. The only way to tell would be to dive into the code a bit. The code for the module is here in case anyone is curious to dive into it: https://github.com/CellProfiler/CellProfiler/blob/613247de8b9227b17f9b2eb31b43ad86682aee7d/cellprofiler/modules/measuretexture.py

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