Text too small in Windows 10

I have used ImageJ with Windows 8 and previous Windows operating sytems. I successfully installed it on windows 10 but the text is too small to read. Are ImageJ and vischeck compatible with Windows 10?

Hi @rusty2 ,

I’m using ImageJ on Windows 10 as well and it works nicely. Are you using a new computer with a high resolution screen?

Could you point us to a screenshot so that we can see the issue? I mean, are the menus to small or the text in the dialogs?



I’m having the same problem. Just installed ImageJ 1.50i on a laptop with 13’’ monitor and 2000x3000 resolution. Please find attached screenshot

t is not workable. The same goes with all images, interfaces, etc.
The problem may come from the fact that Windows is not scaling this program: in System>Display there is a slider, which is 200% by default, “Change size of text, aps and other items”. Is there a way to make Windows scale up ImageJ output too?

The “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings” option in the ImageJ.exe>Properties>Compatability panel must not be enabled.

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Has anyone found any way to fix this problem? My ImageJ text is tiny tiny tiny on my QHD+ laptop. It is impossible to work with. The display scaling is set to 250% and the “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings” option is not enabled either. However the text is still extremely small. Please help!! Thanks a lot!

Are you using the 32-bit Windows version of ImageJ? It does not do display scaling on high resolution displays. You need to use one of the 64-bit versions.


It worked! Thank you so much! For some reason I thought I have to use the 32 bit java (because my browser is 32-bit…) Thanks again! You saved my day! The text was literally tiny tiny tiny.

I started a section on the wiki about HiDPI displays on Windows.

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