Text images and imageJ drag and drop

I work with text images, which are just text files containing a 2D array of numbers representing pixel values. To open these images in ImageJ requires quite a few clicks (File>Import>Text Image…). I’m wondering if it is possible to modify the Drag and Drop behavior of ImageJ so dragging in the text image opens the text file as an image, rather than a text display of all the numbers. Or is there a file extension I can use that will trigger imagej to open as a text image after drag and drop?

The images contain floating pt numbers and are generated by labview software so unfortunately I’m stuck with text image format since labview can’t seem to output jpeg, png, tiff, etc with floating pt nums.

Upgrade to the latest ImageJ daily build (1.50f24) and you will be able to open text images by dragging and dropping them on the >> icon at the right end of the toolbar.


Brilliant! Thanks Wayne