Telomere Identification and Intensity Measurement

Dear all,
We are trying to identify and measure the telomere intensities of human lymphocyte metaphase chromosome. We already developed the pipeline for this task, but we were having difficulty to normalized the telomere fluorescence intensities. The centromere signal intensities will be used for normalization of the telomere fluorescence intensities. Any suggestions or ideas?

Tel_Cen_93_2_Mmj_17~A.5.TIF (3.8 MB) Tel_Cen_Measurement.cpproj (105.1 KB)

Your image is post-processed (background subtraction) and the signals are saturated.
This is not ideal for measuring intensities.
You should check/improve your image aquisition and/or upload an original without post-processing.

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Thank you for the explanation phaub, however we obtained the image directly from MetaSystems using the export function. So, it might be not possible to get the original image without post-processing.


There are options to avoid signal saturation in the capture settings.
And there are options to access the original images without post-processing.
Either check the manual or contact a person in charge.

Thanks again phaub, I will check the MetaSystem manual and try to access the original image. Meanwhile, I still did not understand why the CalculateMath module in our pipeline resulted on β€œnan” instead a 5.722 divide by 45.41 and then multiply by 100.