Technical problems with F3 command ORBIT

Hi there,
I am having some problems when trying to open the Feature configuration (F3) since the windows appears as in the picture attached. I cannot close the window neither change its size and every time I try to use this command I have to reset the whole software. Anyone else with this issue?
Thanks in advance!

That’s annoying! Can you confirm your screen resolution and operating system?

As a temporary workaround does this help?

For me on Windows 10 - ALT+F4 allows me to close the window.

Thanks for the quick reply! I’m using Windows 10 Home and resolution is 1366x768 even though following the link’s advice, I’m doing alright :grinning:

Thanks for confirming that there is a workaround. I opened a ticket:

and will take a look at fixing the issue for the next release of Orbit.