TANGO updated, cannot access users and cannot use TANGO

Hello Everyone,

I just updated FIJI to V2, now I cannot use the TANGO plugin in. When I attempt to sign into a user account (trying to make a new user), it gives me this error:

I know I have had a similar issue before where there was an issue with plugin compatibility. @ThomasBoudier helped me out. Perhaps there is a similar issue.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Dustin Pearson

Hi @Dustin_Pearson,

It is more likely a pb with an updated version of MongoDB, can you send a snapshot of the log windows too. Which version of MongoDB are you running ?



Hi @ThomasBoudier,

I am running MongoDB V2.6.1. Here is the screen shot of the log:

Apparently the mongoBinPath environment variable is not consistent. Not sure what to do about that.

Thanks and regards,



Oh, this may be the problem, usually we use MongoDB V3 or later, on my computer I have V4.0.12.



@ThomasBoudier, Thanks, I will try that and see.


Thanks again for the help. It all worked out.