Tag manager is not optimal for routine use

some researches do not like the omero’s tag manager (web) of OMERO and say that is not optimal for use!
they would prefer have a manager with check-boxes for all registered tags to select all they need in one time. I agree with that, because the current manager do not allow to select many tags in the same time! and need to make it one by one :frowning_face:
What do you think about this idea, please?



Hi Nabila,

Thanks for the feedback.
If the current manager allowed you to multi-select Tags in the left column (hold Cmd key when clicking), would that work for you?

It could even be possible to use Shift-click to select a range, if that would be useful?



Hi will,

Greathful! I will check tomorrow with holding cmd key!

It doesn’t work with Chift-click nor Ctrl buttons, indeed😔

I will let you know.



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Sorry, no it doesn’t work like that yet. I’m just asking whether that would work for you IF we added multi-select functionality?

Ah! Ok! Yes please. If you could, With the chift key as usuall with all software please.


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I created an issue at https://github.com/ome/omero-web/issues/102

Thank you will. I see :+1:
Merry Christmass