Table manipulation (group by...) in Fiji

I am looking for an equivalent of a python pandas.DataFrame (table) in Fiji/Scijava that would allow some more advanced table manipulation like filtering some rows according to the value of a column…

I found the org.scijava.table but it does not seem to be so advanced.

Thanks !

ImageJ traditionally targets image processing only, and doesn’t aim to be a data science application. There have been a few improvements to the Table.* macro functions (in ImageJ 1.x) lately, but it will never be able to replace full-fledged data science applications like e.g. KNIME.

The scijava-table component also will likely remain a relatively basic implementation of table functionality, but if you have suggestions for improvements, pull requests will be very welcome (but in my opinion, developer time can be spent in a much more useful way than by making ImageJ a table processing suite :wink: ).

For any more advanced table processing, I recommend using #knime, or staying in Python with pandas, depending on what you feel more comfortable to use.