Table '_link_tables_' already exists error

Greetings to all;

Using CPA v2.2.1 with MySQL, I’m experiencing the following series of errors.

Before link tables are created I can use the:

  1. Histogram
  2. Box Plot and
  3. Table Viewer tools

The first time use of these tools appears to create the link tables. After the link tables are created and while trying to use any of the CPA tools (except Table Viewer that always works) I get the following error:

Trying to use te ‘Advanced’-> ‘Clear table linking information’ tool also fails

However, if I manually drop the link tables then the tools work as indicated above (for first time use) and then fail again with the errors above.

I’ve checked for ‘dbconnect’ in the properties file an I don’t find it anywhere.
Any ideas as to what I should try next.

Thanks and best regards

I think this is an issue with the table names being capitalized. I tried to fix it, so try it with the nightly build made after this.

Thank you! I’ll give it a try and let you know. Much appreciated!


I’m having exactly same problem as Ioannis, have you managed to resolve this issue?


Hi Nina,

  1. Are you on Windows or Mac?
  2. What version of CPA are you running?

We think this error has been fixed in the main branch of the software, so if you’re running the stable version and have a Mac you can try the nightly build; unfortunately our windows builds are broken at the moment, so you’d have to install from source.


Thanks for your reply! I’m having Windows version 2.2.1. Do you have any timetable for the fix?

I checked with our software engineers and unfortunately they’re not sure at this point when the build issue will be fixed.

Are you using MySQL or an SQLite database? The above user was using MySQL, but I’ve never run into the issue with SQLite databases- just a thought. The other option unfortunately is to try to install CPA from source by following the link above so that you can access the latest version.