Table_id has to be integer

Dear CP/CPA Team

Recently I had a minor problem using CPA2.0. Due to experimental conditions, I had to use a table_id (eg: HTC05_1hr), but CPA’s image viewer does not recognize character table ids. It works if I map all my VARCHAR table ids to an INTEGER column.

Is this a bug or did you plan on implementing it that way in CPA? If yes, you should mention it in the CPA documentation because it took me some time to figure it out :wink:. Also, it is annoying that I now have to drag around another column only for the mapping.

Best wishes

Hi Johnny,
Apologies for the very(!) slow reply – did you find an answer to this? I haven’t looked at the code for this, but it might very well have been an oversight to use INT instead of VARCHAR for Table_Id. Our table_id’s happen to be automatically assigned as INTs in our normal workflow, so I could easily see that this was laziness on our part. Unfortunately we don’t have funding for a dedicated CPAnalyst software engineer, but I will add this to our list to verify that it is indeed more robust.