Tab delimiter issue when writing to file

Hi All,
It seems that there is an issue with writing to files on Macros. I tried both “print” and “File.append”, but neither of them behave as expected when using “\t”. Instead of a tab delimiter, one gets a new line behaviour.

Currently, I go around the issue by printing out single lines from within a double loop, but this is not ideal.

I noted that the issue was brought up before, but not resolved:


Hi @orkun,
for me the tab-escape sequence works fine.
For example:

path = "/media/baecker/DONNEES1/mri/in/work/test.txt"
File.append("Hello\tWorld!", path);

results in

Hello	World!

being appended to the file.

I’m running FIJI (ImageJ 1.53h) on Ubuntu 20.04.