System installer (for multi-user systems)?

I know the idea is to keep Fiji (and ImageJ2) always up-to-date, but the “only portable” option is not a good solution for multi-user systems for two reasons (at least):

  • Security. Allowing anyone to write to the Fiji application folder is just asking for an unpriviledged user (as they all should be as recommended pretty much everywhere) to cause problems (intentional or not) for other users.
  • Size/volume. If a system is properly locked down, while users can read all the necessary application files, they can only make changes within their profile. To keep any Fiji up-to-date would require every single user to download and “install” their own copy and individually keep it updated. On a machine with dozens (or more) users, this eats up a lot of disk space and network bandwidth. In many-user systems (e.g. classrooms or shared research cores), user profiles may not be kept through a reboot thus requiring every user to re-install Fiji every time they log in.

It would be nice to have a system installer that establishes an updater service (like Firefox or Adobe reader) that could be set to update as the system (or root) account and independent of any users.

Update: Is there a cmd-only method for updating Fiji/ImageJ (on Windows)? A script to run something like that as system/root could be configured on a schedule to keep things updated for all users.