Syntax Issues with running deeplabcut

Based on the photo, I have a syntax error in line 14. It says “Invalid syntax (pyflakes E)”. What do you think this means?


I tried typing “import deeplabcut” but a syntax error would show instead.

@RyanAvenido, these are core DeepLabCut files, you should not edit them. The line is actually from deeplabcut import DEBUG, so just remove the line return.
Rather open the console and type the code into it interactively, or create your own Python script.

@jeylau, thanks for telling me. Do I need to reset my console? I think I need to use a new console in order to get this work.

What files do you think I edited?

To be more specific, here is the problem I have when I type “import deeplabcut”


You have edited the function create_new_project in “”. Roll back the changes you brought to the core files, these really should not be edited. DeepLabCut will then work fine.

How is it possible to undo what I possible did in the past week?

I would re-install deeplabcut

@MWMathis How is this possible?

Here is the script for Deep Lab Cut. I may have edited something next to create_new_project. What is the text supposed to say? It’s by line 18.

Thank you all so much! I was able to figure out the problem.