Syntax Error using ROI Tool

Hi Everybody!

I have a syntax issue, and I thought I typed in everything correctly? Here is a screenshot image. What do you think went wrong?

Best, Ryan

It looks like you’re missing the root folder; you should be joining two elements, not dataname alone.

@jeylau What do you mean by root folder? How do I join two elements based on the information I gave in the diagram?

It says your file doesn’t exist, as you only gave its filename. ‘os.path.join’ has no effect unless you join several items. Go the safe way, and manually copy paste the full path pointing to your data file.

@jeylau For Dataframe, should I just do pd.read_hdf(os.path.join(str(Path(video).stem) + DLCscorer + ‘.h5’)). Or should I be doing something else? Do I need to substitute syntax in place of the word path?

If I were to manually copy paste the full path, do I have to include my full path in lieu of the word “Path?” Does substitution need to be involved here?