Synced animations (tiled)

Hi all: I’ve tried searching this but can’t seem to find help. Is it possible to tile synced animations, such as a z movie or a 3d rotation? For instance, it would be useful to us to split a RGB animation into each individual color, as well as the merged, and have them display synchronously. I’m guessing it’s out there but I haven’t been able to dig it out. thanks for your help!

Try the option Image>Stack>tools. Or for you RGB splitting question: Image>Color>Split Channels.

Does this solve your problem?

Thanks NoUsername: if it’s under “stacks>tools,” I don’t seem to be able to identify it. The second part of your answer is the way that it starts, the question is how to animate the split channels synchronously, either as a Z movie or a 3D rotation. thank you

I’m sorry that I didn’t understand your question at the beginning. Try analyze>tools>Sync Windows. I managed to show the Z-channels played synchronously.

When you’re looking for a function just type L. This opens a window where you can search through functions. Most of the time I can find function where I’m looking for.

Excellent!!! Now, is there a way to get these to be tiled and saved as a single file? thank you!

I tried to do some stuff with the combine function in Image>stack>tools>combine. But this give me different results. I think this function isn’t able to combine large stacks, because sometimes it works, and sometimes it doens’t properly.

Maybe others has good recommendations.

Well even after many years of being surprised what you can find on YouTube, I’m still often surprised by what you can find on YouTube… Here is a link to a video, unfortunately, not narrated but I was able to use it, together with the advice provided above, to do the job!