Switching of individual labels in maDLC


I am attempting to track birds using maDLC. I am refining the tracklets and I’m having some problems with switching of individuals. For instance, one of the videos starts with a single bird that I labelled as individual 1, but it starts tracking that bird as individual 2 and switches to tracking that bird as individual 1 after the second bird comes into frame with some mislabeling between the two birds while switching.

While labelling frames I made sure that each bird was labelled consistently as individual 1 or 2 once I started. However if the bird labelled as individual 1 went out of frame I then started labelling the bird still in frame that was previously individual 2 as 1. I thought that was what it said to do in the documentation, but I was wondering if that could be the cause of the issue that I am having.

Please let me know if more information is needed to find a solution. Thanks!

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Hey @bhastings98, did you end up finding a solution for this? I’m having the same issue (though I’m tracking 5 mice in an open field). Thanks!