Switching between cameras


I would like to thank for Micro-Manager. I’m just starting in it and I have to say that it’s a perfect program.

However, the beginnings are sometimes difficult. I would be grateful for help with apparently basic things. I am trying to write scripts to control the whole measurement process. I have Micro-Manager 2.0 gamma.
I have two cameras in the optical setup. Camera 1 is marked as the main one and therefore responds to all commands. However, after some time I need to switch to camera 2 and acquire an images only with camera 2.

Despite all my efforts, I was unable to put the camera into operation. You can find some scripts on the web dealing with similar issues, but I am not completely successful.

Could you please write me commands, how to switch freely between cameras in the scrip?

Thank you very much!

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It may be easiest to post your script. In general, commands go to the camera that is marked as the Core-Camera in the property browser. So, one way to go is to change that property in your script:

mmc.setProperty("Core", "Camera", "Camera2");

That line will make calls like:


take an image using Camera2.

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