SuRVoS would like to join as a community partner

Hello there,

SuRVoS - Super Region Volume Segmentation Workbench would like to join you as a partner. SuRVoS is an open-source application, written in Python, that speeds up the process of volume segmentation. This is done firstly by reducing data size and complexity by oversegmenting the volume into supervoxels. Secondly we provide tools for the users to annotate these supervoxels in order to train a shallow machine learning classifier. The trained classifier can then be used to predict labels for the rest of the volume and the labels can then be exported in various formats.

We have added links to on our Github page ( and our documentation pages ( I would be happy to be the community representative.




@OllyK Welcome to the forum! And sorry for the delay in reply.

Does SuRVoS have a logo we should use for the Community Partners top bar?

@ctrueden Thanks! Yes we’ve got a logo. I’ll post it to the software partners logo thread

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You are all set! Your icon has been added to the list… and also added a ‘tag’ for your posts. And @OllyK - you are now a @team member. :slight_smile:

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Brilliant, thank you very much @etadobson !

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