Surface tension measurement

Hi every body
i want to use a plug-in for measurement of surface tension between two liquid. pendant drop has been introduced but i cant use it. guide me for this
Thanks a lot

Hi @peyman838

do you refer to this plugin?

If yes: What issue do you have with it? How do your images look like? Would you be able to supply one so that we can have a look at your issue?


thanks for your response
yeah i got its zip file from GitHub. i extract it in plugin file of image-j but not added in plugin tab as other plugin.

Hi @peyman838,

for installation follow th instructions here:

and in more detail here:

The github repository is thought for software developers.

Furthermore, I guess you need to use Fiji, not the ImageJ distribution. So download a fresh Fiji first and then follow the instructions above.


yeah i use Fiji too. i followed all steps that mentioned in that instruction but its not apply well and show an error . this plug in is very important for me . how can i upload a picture of my problem for you to better understand.

There is an upload button in the bar on top of the text field here in the forum. It looks like this:

this is an error within the update process

It’s hard to guess what goes wrong here. But the window title says “.old.exe”. And it should probably not.

Is this a freshly downloaded Fiji from the website I mentioned above?

I downloaded from this site and is last version of it.
are u have Pendene drop plugin on your image-j? its work as well?
please see the picture that uploaded . this pic is related to bellow link
what must be do. how can use this?

Follow the instructions on this site:

Actually, you just need to activate the update site “Pendent drop”. You don’t need to download any file and put it anywhere. Just activate this update site and restart fiji after updating.

Thanks very much. activated and work now.
Thanks for all times that you spend for response me.

I am trying to use the Pendent drop plug-in on FIJI. I draw the ROI around my droplet and then choose Pendent drop but the window that asks for parameter values does not pop up. Instead, I got the below window

Could anyone please help me with this?